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(SPN) Morphological variability of Choromytilus chorus fishhooks, southern coast of the Atacama desert, Taltal, Chile

Verónica Alcalde and Carola Flores (2020)
This research explores morphological variability of shell fishhooks from middle Holocene archaeological sites on the Atacama Desert Coast.
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(ENG) Middle Holocene Production of Mussel Shell Fishing Artifacts on the coast of Taltal (25° Lat South), Atacama Desert, Chile

Carola Flores, Valentina Figueroa and Diego Salazar (2016)
This study present preliminary data on the production of shell fishhooks at two archaeological sites on the Atacama desert coast, Chile
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(SPN) Bedrock mortars, shell middens and rock art: Old excavations and new archaeological findings at Guanaqueros, Coquimbo Region, Chile.

Daniel Hernández, Ignacio Monroy and Carola Flores (2020)
An archaeological survey carried out around Guanaqueros (30° Lat South) fisher community, provides with new information on several archaeological sites with bedrock mortars, shell middens and rock art.
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